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The mission of Benson Bondstone is to make superior building materials that are affordable. And in the process revolutionize the construction industry.

The five areas we focus on are as follows:

  1. Affordability
  2. Durability
  3. Sustainability
  4. Efficiency
  5. High resistancy


Our Story

Our story begins over 20 years ago when one of the founders – a teenager at the time – survived a devastating house fire. Fortunately, no one was injured but the house was nearly destroyed along with many irreplaceable possessions. That was a defining moment in his life, a turning point that kindled a desire to improve the way in which we live and our homes are built.

Fast forward almost two decades later when he had his own family and wanted to build a house that would last.  That was safe.  That was beautiful. However, the methods and materials were either too costly and/or vulnerable to fire, wind, pests, and rot.  It was also surprising just how little progress had been made in the home construction industry for many decades.

When the idea of the PermaPanel was first conceived, the owners of Benson Bondstone assembled a team of experts to prove the idea was sound – scientists, engineers, chemists, construction contractors, and tradesmen. After intensive developing and testing, the first PermaPanels were born. The very first house in the world built by PermaPanels was the founders’ personal residence. Completely satisfied with the results, Benson Bondstone is now offering the amazing systems and advanced materials to others.


Our Future

If we are not servicing your area, we will soon. We have carefully plotted our growth and have an audacious, but reachable, plan. We are developing several exciting products that we will release as we continue to expand.

Our future also includes those who are passionate about improving the way people live, who want to be part of creating sustainable products, and who want to keep the costs affordable. If you are such a person, contact us about joining our team.