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Don’t Get Burned Hiring the Wrong Contractor in the Tri-City Area

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No one intentionally sets out to hire a bad contractor, but once in a while, it happens. You must have heard horror stories of contractors ruining a client’s dream of owning his dream home. In fact, some cases were so bad that an attorney has to be called in to settle some of these cases.

Whether you want to build a new home or make some renovations, you can end up with a contractor that will turn out to be your worst nightmare. Some contractors can totally ruin your project, cause damage to your flowers, drop nails all over your driveway or do your work so slowly that you have to cancel the contract. No doubt, the internet is filled with stories of horrible contractors and homebuilders.

Obviously, you don’t want to go from building your dream house to hiring a lawyer to sue a contractor. You can avoid bad contractors when you do your research well.

In some cases, you may still end up with a wrong contractor even after making your research. Don’t beat yourself up so much, bad things happen. When you hire a wrong contractor, he can slap you with a poor job and you may end up paying more than you originally intended.


Here Are Signs That You Hired a Wrong Contractor

There are many signs to know a wrong Tri-City homebuilder. We have written some of these signs below:

  1. They Have Problems with Things They Should Know

A Tri-City home builder you hired should be a professional. You expect him to know certain things. If he is confused about certain things you’d expect him to know naturally, such as which walls need to be support walls, or he keeps on struggling with part of the work that should be easy, this means he does not know what he is doing.


  1. Whines and Complains About Everything

The wrong contractor will keep on complaining about everything. In most cases, he will continue to ask for more money even after paying him the amount initially agreed upon. Avoid such contractors as much as possible.


  1. They Lack Commitment

When a contractor fails to commit to your work and keeps on delaying, you should be prepared to cut him loose. Don’t let a contractor delay your work too much. If he has other interests that conflict with your current work, you may need to drop him.


How to Avoid Bad Contractors

When you have a home project, you need to hire best Tri-city home builder.

  1. Research, Research, Research

The only way you can hire the best Tri-City home builder is by doing your homework. If you want to avoid hiring a wrong contractor, ask your friends and families to recommend a good contractor for your home project.

Ask multiple contractors to bid on your project and watch how they bid. You can learn a lot about a contractor just by the way he bid on your project. Ask them to submit their references and make sure you verify these references. When researching, it is always a good idea to work with a contractor that can deliver on time and use innovative technologies such as PermaPanel – a lightweight cement panel in building your home.


  1. Verify the Contractor’s License and Insurance

A good contractor will be up-to-date with his license and insurance. Make sure your contractor is licensed for the type of work you want him to do for you. If you want to build a single-residential home, make sure your contractor is licensed for residential houses.

Avoid hiring a contractor that doesn’t have a license or insurance. This is always a red flag for trouble. Confirm that a contractor is properly insured and have the right license before working with him. Some people and companies also require the contractors to be bonded, at least those contractors overseeing major trades.


  1. Set a Professional Tone From the Start

Avoid the urge to be too friendly with your contractor. You need to maintain only a professional relationship during the period you are working together. Sometimes, building a home take months, this means, your contractor will be in your home a lot, try as much as possible to resist the urge to be buddy-buddy with him, at least, until he completes your home project.


You should let him know your vision about your project from the start. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or point out anything that you don’t understand. If you are confused, get an advice from an unbiased and knowledgeable third-party. By being upfront with your needs as well as professional in your dealings with your Tri-city home builder, you can get him to meet your expectations.


  1. Monitor the Progress of the Work like a Hawk

Before you start any project, you should let your contractor know exactly what you want and also get to know how he intends to achieve it.

It is important that you monitor the progress of your work. Even if you don’t stay in the same location as your new house, have someone that will constantly monitor the progress of the project. By constantly monitoring the progress of your home project, you can be able to detect any small mistake in the project before it turns into a big problem



It is always heart-breaking to pay for damages caused by a contractor. When you have a home project, you will need the best Tri-City home builder. Finding a good Tri-City homebuilder can take time and research. However, this is important in order to ensure that you avoid working with a wrong contractor.

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