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Six Considerations for Building in Missoula, MT

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Thinking of building your home in Missoula? That’s an awesome and rewarding decision. Building a custom home is the only way to get exactly what you want. I want to assure you that this can be exciting and even life-changing.

Missoula is a home to over 170,000 people with more people coming here to retire for the past 10 years. A report has it that the economy of Missoula has been on the rise since the last recession. This means, there are more constructions works going on. According to a report, most of these new homes are owned by first-time homeowners who have little or no experience when it comes to construction of custom homes in Missoula.

Missoula Montana is a very unique place, even if you have built a custom home before elsewhere, you need to know what you are getting into before you start your home construction project in Missoula.

New home constructions in Missoula are influenced by a number of factors. You need to consider these factors if you want to get exactly what you have in mind or even exceed your expectations. To ensure you get this right at the first attempt, we have listed a number of factors that you need to consider building your dream home in Missoula.


Top Factors to Consider When Building In Missoula, Montana


How Will Wildfire Affect Your Build

It has almost become a tradition to expect wildfire every summer month in Missoula. Over the years, a lot of people in this place have lost their homes and even businesses to wildfire especially during the summer months.

When building your home in Missoula, it is important that you consider that this city is prone to wildfires during the summer months. Even if your home is not on the wildfire path, it can still be affected. Unfortunately, you don’t have to take such risk, with a new building technology such as PermaPanel; you can make your home fire-resistant and sleep with peace of mind knowing that your home won’t be burnt down as a result of wildfires in the summer months.


Is Your New Home in a Flood Zone

Missoula is no stranger when it comes to flood. Major Missoula rivers such as Clark Fork River, The Blackfoot River near Bonner, the Bitterroot River and the Yaak River near Troy are just some of the rivers that have brought flood in Missoula in recent years. When building your home, it is important to ensure that your home is not on a flood path. When considering building a custom home in Missoula, you can use websites such as FlodSmart.govto ensure your home is not on flood paths.permapanel protects against floods

Alternatively, you can make use of experienced local contractors such as Benson Bondstone. As an experienced Missoula Contractor, Benson Bondstone will not only ensure that your home is not on flood path but also make use of state-of-art construction technology to keep your home safe in case of a flood.


Who doesn’t love beautiful outdoors? When compared with other cities in Montana, Missoula has more scenic locations. The scenery here is beautiful; the winters are cold and snowy. Missoula is referred to as the “Garden City” because of its dense trees and lush green landscape. Missoula has a suburban feel and a lot of spectacular landscapes such as Mt. Jumbo.

There are many scenic locations to build your home in Missoula. Since you will be living in your new home for a long time to come, it is extremely important you make out time to choose one of the most scenic areas in Missoula to build your home.


How Will Your Home Hold Up In Winter

You must have heard the saying “when it rains, it pours”.Missoula is a perfect case-study for the above saying. Winter can be very harsh here in Missoula. Winter months can be dangerous in Missoula and can even damage your home. You need a winter-proof home when you are considering building in Missoula.building in montana

Making your home winter-proof means using right materials as well as experienced local contractors when building your home. Strong building material such as PermaPanel ensures that your home can withstand the effect of even the strongest snow. PermaPanel is not like your regular cement panel; it was constructed to ensure that heavy snow won’t have a dint on your home and keeps your home well-insulated so you don’t suffer too much cold during the winter periods.

Home’s Resale Value

It is unlikely that your new Missoula home will be the last home you will ever own. If you have it mind to sell your home at any point, it is important you consider its potential resale value. Nowadays, single-family homes cost as much as $234,000 in Missoula. Consider the price of buying lands. You need to run some numbers to determine whether you can afford to build at the location you want or consider other affordable location which has been predicted to increase in value in future.

Finding the Right Contractors

With a recent surge in new construction works in Missoula, there is an acute shortage of contractors. This has led to a number of new homeowners make use of contractors with little or no experience. Most people have gone ahead and hire contractors from other cities and states. You need an experienced local contractor if you want to get your construction project right at the first attempt. Fortunately, Benson Bondstone is a construction company you can count on when it comes to the level of experience, speed, and affordability.

Benson Bondstone is an innovative construction company that makes use of innovative construction technology such as PermaPanel to cut the time of building a new home by half. You can significantly reduce the cost and time of your construction project when you make use of Benson Bondstone. Besides, with the use of the latest building technologies and designs, Benson Bondstone will ensure that your home remains in trend for decades to come.

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Benson Bondstone was created because the way we build needs to change. Needless disasters happen every year simply because, as a society, we’ve continued to use outdated methods. There is a better way–and it’s even affordable. Feel free to swing over to our homepage for more information, or, you can come over to our Missoula Home Builders Google+ page.

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