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Moving to Missoula, Montana: Here is What You Need to Know

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Moving to Moving to Missoula, Montana is a great choice. No doubt, Montanans know how to take thrill-seeking to new heights. Here, people are few and far between. The crime rate is very low, the weather is excellent and people are just lovely. This place is an explorer’s paradise brimming with beauty and wonder. Once again, let me congratulate you for your decision to move here. Without mincing words, you will love it here in Missoula, Montana.

Montana is well-known for its natural beauty. It is possible that you may have seen pictures of Montana in many places including in movies such as “The Horse Whisperer”. Once you get here, you can finally be able to get out into nature more. Being an outdoor enthusiast is the norm here. Most Montanans love working outside as farmers, ranchers and even in the oil industry. If you have children that are of college age, you can enroll them at Montana State University.

However, before you move, there are some things that you need to learn. Missoula, just like every other place on earth has its own challenges as well. But the good news is that the challenges of living in Missoula are not as much as you might think.

Let’s face it; moving isn’t fun. There are many things that you need to consider. It can be particularly challenging if you are moving with children or pets. But when it comes to moving to Missoula, there is an exception, this is because they are many things to look forward to if you are moving to Missoula. Some of these things include:

Missoula’s Population Density is Low

Missoula has around 2,300 people per square mile, spread across 29 miles. Finally, you can be able to escape traffic. Moving to Montana will be a great relief if you are coming from urban areas like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and other cities notorious for snail-paced traffic. You don’t have to wake up early anymore to avoid traffic gridlocks. In fact, you can drive for long stretches on empty roads.

Cost of Living Lower Than National Average

You will be able to put some money into savings when you move to Missoula, Montana. It doesn’t matter if you are moving with your family or you want to retire here, your cost of living in Missoula will probably be more affordable than the prevailing one from where you are coming from.

According to statistics, the median value of homes in Missoula occupied by their owners is $99,500 which is much lower than the $188,900 median home price for the United States. You can also own a home in Missoula without worrying about paying hefty taxes to the government. The average property tax here is 0.87% which is much lower than the national average. If you plan to establish a business here in Missoula, you won’t have to worry about sales tax. The prevailing income tax here is a progressive type with rates which ranges from 1% to 6.9%.

Buying a Home in Missoula

The good news is that it is much cheaper to become a homeowner in Missoula than most other places in the United States. Mortgage rate for 2017 year-end was just 4.0%. Last year was known as the most active year for home sales in Missoula with a record of 1,543 homes sold. Most of these homes were sold between $200,000 and $275,000. You may be lucky to buy a new home even at prices lower than the one mentioned above if you are able to avoid the boom period which is around the summer.

Building Your Dream Home in Missoula

Deciding to build your own home in Missoula instead of buying is a great decision. You can be able to build a home of your choice with custom design and fittings.

Fortunately, building a home in this place is much affordable than most other places in the United States. According to the new home report, the average cost of building a new home in Missoula stands at $286,277. This means that a 2,000 square foot costs just about $150 per square foot. You can build your dream home in Missoula if you have a saving that ranges from $151,014 to $400,000.

When you decide to build your own home in this place, make sure that you only hire contractors who are making use of PermaPanel. PermaPanel is the new lightweight cement that is more affordable and stronger than the standard cement. This innovative building technology is changing the way buildings are constructed. To ensure that your new home is strong, energy-efficient, and stays in trend for years to come, use PermaPanel for your home construction in Missoula.

Top of the Line Education and Health Care

The highest number of professionals in Missoula can be found in the health-care industry followed by those in education. Missoula is perfect for a family because it provides the best in healthcare and education.

The biggest employer in Missoula is Community Medical Center with more than 1850 employees followed by Providence St. Patrick Hospital with over 1500 employees. The third biggest employer in Missoula is Missoula County Public Schools followed by the University of Montana.


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