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Do you know that most new homes in American today are outdated? The biggest challenge in the construction of new homes in the United States is the use of outdated materials in the construction of new home. What this means is that though your home is still new, it is already outdated.

The construction industry is evolving every day. What seems like a trend today may fade away tomorrow. Unfortunately, it takes some contractors a lot of time to catch up with new trends or even learn how new home construction technologies work. Let’s face it; it can take years to plan, build, and finish a new home, office building or other structure. This makes it particularly difficult for most contractors to keep up with a trend.

According to the statistics, about 136.57 million homes were built in the United States between 1975 and 2017. During this period, there has been a lot of improvements in the way we build homes. The tools we use in construction, the materials, and even the designs have changed a lot.

While some new houses have adopted the designs and technologies in the trend, it is shocking that most contractors still use these old materials that were developed back in the 1970’s for the construction of new homes in this era.  Back then, the materials were great but they have served their purpose. However, new materials that are better, stronger, and more efficient are being developed every day by innovative engineers and construction companies in the United States and abroad.

Admittedly, most of the building materials from the olden days are indeed very strong. However, a lot of them were produced without putting some factors into consideration. Take for instance, back in the 70’s no one was talking about energy-efficient homes or eco-friendly homes. If you take a close look at an average house built around 1975, you will notice that while these homes may look strong, they are not eco-friendly nor energy-efficient. Moreover, most of them had a concrete wall without any rebar in it and probably didn’t make use of footing. Additionally, they don’t have a connection from the top of the concrete wall to the floor system. The roofs of these houses were constructed of framing system with undersized members and inadequate connections.

The problem is that most potential new homeowners don’t have an idea of what materials to use. So many potential homeowners end up hiring contractors who are still using outdated construction materials in the construction of new homes.

When building your new home today, you should pay attention to the use of energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials. These types of homes are what is currently in trend and will remain on trend for years to come. If your contractor isn’t prioritizing energy conservation and environmental safety, you need to find another contractor.

Most recently, one of the new energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials being adopted by innovative-minded contractors is PermaPanel.

PermaPanel is the latest in construction technology. It is a lightweight cement panel that is revolutionizing the way new homes and the way structures are constructed. This new building technology is produced by Benson Bondstone, an eco-friendly construction company based in Missoula.


Why Use PermaPanel To Keep your New Home In Trend?

As of today, PermaPanel is the best building technology to make your home energy-efficient, eco-friendly, pest resistant, fire-proofed, and durable. Fortunately, despite all these benefits, PermaPanel is more affordable than the current cement panel most outdated contractors still use.

Years of researches and lot of craftsmanship and engineering went into making PermaPanel the best building material to use in 2018 and beyond. Some of the benefits of this new building technology include:


  • Energy Efficient

Perhaps, this is the reason why most innovative-minded contractors in Missoula love PermaPanel. Using this affordable lightweight cement panel will help you save money in heating and cooling. PermaPanel is designed to keep your home insulated, this means you can significantly reduce the money you spend on heating and cooling.


  • Fireproof

PermaPanel is fireproofed. It is designed to stop a fire that may have been ignited as a result of faulty electrical connection. You can sleep with peace of mind when your home is constructed with PermaPanel.



  • Pest Resistant

Most of the new homes constructed with wooden materials and frames are prone to pest such as termite infestation. Available statistics showed that homeowners are spending billions of dollars every year in repairing damages cost by termites. In fact, this statistics also showed that an average homeowner spends $5,000 in repairing termite damages. You can be able to avoid spending unnecessary when you abandoned the old inefficient construction materials for PermaPanel.


  • Eco-Friendly

Building eco-friendly homes is a big topic since 2014. You need to work with a contractor who makes building eco-friendly homes a priority. With the use of PermaPanel, you can be able to eliminate insulation, exterior sheathing, framing, vapor barrier, and drywall.


Perhaps, the biggest advantage to using this new construction technology is that your home will still be in trend decades from now. You need PermaPanel if you want to build a home that will not just give you a peace of mind but still remain in trend decades from now.

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