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Kootenai County Building Permits: Here Is How to Get Your Permit

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Are you considering building your dream home in Kootenai County but outside of city limits? Awesome! When you’ve made up your mind to build your dream house, you will need to find a home builder in Kootenai County, when you are done with that task, you will need to get Kootenai County building permit before you can be able to start your home project.

What You Need To Know About Kootenai County Building Permit

The issuing of Kootenai County started back in 1971. The new law requires that a permit is obtained for every construction in the county. Every structure, even exempt buildings, is subjected to zoning regulations for lot coverage, setbacks, height limitations, and more. Over the years, there have been some changes to the requirement for these permits in order to fit local needs and conditions.

A building permit is required for every construction project in Kootenai County. However, these permits do not apply to incorporated cities such as Coeur d’Alene, Worley, Hayden, Post Falls or Athol. If you are living in any of these aforementioned cities, you will need to get a different permit from your city council. However, if you want to build in unincorporated towns like Cataldo and Bayview, you will need Kootenai county permits before you can start your construction project.


You Will Need Building Permits in the Following Cases:

  • Residential construction
  • Commercial constructions
  • Public constructions
  • Industrial constructions
  • Manufactured homes
  • All accessory structures over 200 sq. feet.
  • When converting manufactured homes to real property
  • Modifications to buildings in use

Modifications to buildings in use: This means you will need a building permit to change your building from one use to another. For instance; if you want to convert your single-family residential house to a commercial building such as day-care center, you will need to get a permit.


Some of these permits include:

Mechanical Permit

The 1996 law requires contractors/owners to get “Mechanical Permits” for installation of fuel gas systems and appliances in Kootenai County. Before you can obtain this permit, the installer must be licensed and be able to fulfill other requirements.

Septic Permit

If your lot will have a private septic, you need to apply for a septic permit as well. Part of this application process is testing to soil to determine the correct design of the drain field.

Manufactured and Modular Homes

You will need a “Setting Permit” before you set a modular home on a site in Kootenai County. This type of home is built to the International Building code standard at other locations, however, they are assembled at a site. You will need to get “foundation permit” before setting it up.

Moving Permits

If you are moving a structure from another county into Kootenai County or from one location to another, you will need to get “Moving Permits”.

What You Need to Get a Building Permit in Kootenai County

The application of building permit in Kootenai County must be done in person. Unfortunately, the county does not accept mailed, e-mailed, or faxed applications. However, the permit can be applied by the landowner or your Kootenai home builder.

You can fill your application before going to the office or fill it while at the office. Below, we have listed the information you will need to have in your application:

How Can You Apply?

Building permits are issued Monday through Friday. Please note that Planning and Zoning Department will need to first approve your application. The applications are processed as they are received.

Note that permits used to only be issued in person, now after speaking to an agent in person she said they prefer electronic submissions, which greatly speeds up the time. However, the contractor or the owner’s agent can pick up the permit, which must happen in person. If an application is not approved within 6 months, it will be canceled and you will need to apply again.

Validity of Kootenai County Building Permit

Any building permit issued by Kootenai County is valid for a period of 180 days i.e. 6 months from the date it was issued. However, after each inspection, it will be reactivated for an additional 180 days.

Cost of Application

Note that when submitting your application, you will need to pay a non-refundable application review fee of $235. However, the above fee is for commercial or residential building permits. Other applications that include deck, garages, additions, and miscellaneous structures will pay a non-refundable application fee of $100.

Budget several thousand dollars for the complete application and permitting process.

The table below shows other fees you will pay:

StructureAVG. Cost Per Sq.Ft
Private Dwellings
Type V-wood frame, all finished area$97.95
Interior Finish/alteration/remodelApproved declared value
Unfinished basement or other$97.95

Private Garages and Accessory Structures

Wood frame shop, garage, greenhouse$37.34
Storage over garage (no stairs, heat, insulation)$47.11
Pole Structure (unfinished)$21.33
Pole Structure finished area$97.95
Steel structure$1, U Table value
Open carport$21.33
Deck (covered or uncovered)$14.22
Type V-residential hangar S2$49.75
U or S occupancy to living space97.95 minus original fee
Retaining wall$14.00
Fence over six feet$65.00 flat fee
Re-roof$130.00 flat fee
Re-roof with rafters or trusses$18.27
Change windows$65.00 flat fee
Re-side$65.00 flat fee
Swimming pool$7.11
Demolition$65.00 flat fee
Mobile/Manufactured/Modular Home
Standard set
Modular or real property set
Sign$130.00 flat fee
Change of use/tenant improvementApproved declared value
Non-residential re-roofApproved declared value


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