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In recent years, Northern Idaho has become an ideal spot for retirees. According to the 2015 U.S News and World Report, this Gem State ranks 4th alongside Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah as the top retirement-friendly states. Idaho has a lot of attractions for many people that are looking forward to retiring – it is peaceful, quiet, has plenty of open space, hospitable people, good medical care, no traffic jams, affordable properties, and above all no noise.

The state is one of the least dense states in the USA. At the last count, there are just about 1.6 million residents here who are spread out all over the state. Most people here love outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and even hunting. If you don’t love the outdoors, there are plenty of things to do as well. Here in Idaho, there are a lot of retiree groups you can join such as college alumni, military, and more. You can as well stay at your home and enjoy beautiful scenery without any disturbance.

No doubt, Idaho, especially Northern Idaho has attracted a lot of people in recent years. Perhaps, this explains the reasons why the cost of building new homes and even renting are now rising astronomically. Unlike a couple of years ago, you will now need to pay double of what you would have paid 7 years ago to buy a house or build one in areas such as northern Idaho.

When you are thinking about relocating to Idaho, you will need to make some budgetary considerations or else you will exhaust your retirement money on building a home. Most retirees who are coming to this area are on fixed income. It is therefore very important you learn to manage your resources wisely.

In this article, you will learn about the top 3 affordable locations in the Gem State:


Athol, Idaho may be the last of the affordable locations in northern Idaho. If you are looking to escape the high cost of living in Coeur d’Alene and Hayden, this place may offer what you are searching for.

This town is in Kootenai County and it is part of the Coeur d’Alene Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is well-known for the nearby Silverwood theme park, the largest such park for several hours.

The population of Athol at the 2010 census is 692, though the surrounding areas that are considered “Athol” make up much more. It is indeed a peaceful town and perfect for a retiree who is on a fixed income. It boasts of many beautiful scenery and waterfronts. One of the notable establishments here is the U.S. Navy’s Acoustic Research Department where a team of scientists is conducting research with large-scale submarine models in the deepwater lake.

Athol is close to Coeur d’Alene with an easy commute along Highway 95, this means that you won’t completely miss out on the experience living in the city has to offer. You can always drive to Coeur d’Alene to experience city life every once in a while. You need to consider Athol if you are looking for an affordable, quiet, and peaceful place to retire in Idaho.


Mica is located in Kootenai County and it is still somewhat affordable. This area is located near Lake Coeur d’Alene. What makes Mica perfect for anyone looking for an affordable location to retire in Idaho is that it is only 10 miles from the city center through 4 lanes paved highway. This means you won’t have to miss out entirely from the city life. You can reach Coeur d’Alene in just 15 minutes.

Mica has a lot of things to offer, this area has a lot of waterfront homes and secondary waterfront chalets. There are tons of available homes here. If you want to build your own home in Mica, you can easily have a home with lake views.

We will certainly recommend you check out Mica for an affordable housing before the prices go up.

The Silver Valley

Located about 40 miles east of Coeur d’Alene, Silver Valley comprises many small towns. It was originally established as a mining center, with beautiful mountains and scenery. It also boasts of affordable housing compared to Coeur d’Alene.

The Silver Valley is also known as the Silver Capital of the World, a name it got more than 100 years ago. When you visit Silver Valley, you will discover more reason to get your house here than any location in Idaho. Building a home here or buying one is more affordable compared to what you will pay in Coeur d’Alene. It is more peaceful and has a lot of nice places to see. You won’t be missing out on anything when you take up abode here.


Building Your Home in Northern Idaho with the Right Homebuilder

When you are considering building a home in any of these areas mentioned above, it is extremely important that you first get an experienced Idaho homebuilder. The right homebuilder will make your work easier.

Also, using the right material is equally important. Here at Benson Bondstone, we offer a new building system that is not only affordable but superior in just about every way. It is fireproof, pest proof, rot proof, gentle on the environment, energy efficient, and cuts the time to complete a typical housing project by half.

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Benson Bondstone was created because the way we build needs to change. Needless disasters happen every year simply because, as a society, we’ve continued to use outdated methods. There is a better way–and it’s even affordable. Feel free to swing over to our homepage for more information, or, you can come over to our Northern Idaho Home Builders Google+ page.
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