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Smart Design Features to Increase the Value of Your New Home

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Smart Design Features to Increase the Value of Your New Home

Want to make your new home worth more money and be an asset you can quickly sell should the need arise? We’ve interviewed three top real estate agents in an area that is booming with home sales. They shared some pretty valuable tips, secrets, and insight.

Ensure You Have a Strong Focal Point build a beautiful focal point

This tip comes from Debbie. She told us that your focal point needs to be front and center, and something easily seen right when you enter the house. Do you have a particularly good view? A large and cozy fireplace? A grand staircase? A trendy piece of furniture or rare work of art?

When building your home, make sure that it has a strong focal point.

Create Curb Appeal

According to one of the agents we interviewed, Donnie, more than 70% of a buyer’s design is made when first looking at the house from “the curb.” If you want to make your home more valuable, give it curb appeal. Clean design, manicured yards, an eye-catching door, and a pop of color all do the trick.

An inviting entryway is critical; it helps make people feel welcome.

Design an Open Layout

design an open layout when buildingBuyers want an open layout, with the kitchen being central to the main living area. Cindy explained that an open layout basically means that one large space serves multiple functions. A couple decades ago you would see a dedicated dining room, kitchen, and living room. Now, these are often lumped into the same space.

When considering the design of your house, there shouldn’t be any obstructions to function and flow. Pantries need to be located close to the kitchen, as does a powder room.

Keep to the Main Floor

Double storied houses are falling out of flavor. While more affordable to build, people want the main living spaces on one level – kitchen, living room, master suite, and 1-2 bedrooms.

Debbie also explained to us that most buyers want the master suite on one side of the house with the bedrooms on the other. You know, privacy or something. Avoid stairs to get to these areas since the conventional wisdom is that at some point as you age you will not want to climb a flight of stairs each day. And . . . that does make sense.

Wood over Carpet 

If your budget allows, choose wood over carpet. Wood is “upscale”, durable, and has a great look. More people are moving away from carpet because of allergies. If you still love the feel of carpet on your feet but want the luxury of wood, a compromise (and great accent) is rugs.

The Unusual Is Often Worth More than the Expensive 

A surprising tip we learned is that a surprising amount of people appreciate the creative more than the expensive. Granite countertops are expensive and look fantastic, however, many people also love a less expensive barn wood countertop option, for instance. Another example may be using recycled pallets for furniture or other decorative elements.

A caveat here is that the creative needs to also look professional or you drastically limit the number of people who will appreciate what you did.

And there you have it, insider tips on how to make your home more valuable.

About Benson Bondstone 

Benson Bondstone was created because the way we build needs to change. Needless disasters happen every year simply because, as a society, we’ve continued to use outdated methods. There is a better way–and it’s even affordable. Feel free to swing over to our home page for more information, or, you can come over to our Spokane Home Builders Google+ page.



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