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Missoula Parade of Homes 2019: An Event for Every Homeowner

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Are you looking to buy new construction or get ideas for your home renovation or DIY Project? You need to be at this year’s Missoula Parade of Homes 2019. This is the biggest event of the year for every homeowner in Missoula and surrounding areas.

This event is organized annually by Missoula Building Industry Association members. It is a unique opportunity to bring together everyone that is involved in a construction process and also help homeowners meet contractors, designers, vendors, among others.

The goal of this event is not just to bring together everyone that is involved in a building construction process. It is also an opportunity to showcase latest building technologies and designs. Thus, Missoula top homebuilders have always used this opportunity to introduce their latest home building technologies. It’s one of our favorite events to attend to inspire us and to show us new and exciting trends. (And if you are adventurous and want to visit the Coeur d’Alene parade of homes, just 2 hours away, we will be showcasing a beautiful home built with the PermaPanel.) Of course, there will be tons of other home building technologies that will be exhibited during this event.


If You’re Building a Home in Missoula You Need To Attend The Missoula Parade of Homes 2019

Since this program is bringing together everyone that is involved in home building process in Missoula, there is no reason why you should not attend.

As a homeowner, you may need to make some renovations very soon. You will be able to meet contractors as well as vendors at this event. With so many people to choose from, you can significantly reduce the money you spend on home renovations and constructions. Moreover, if you are looking to make some DIY Projects, Missoula Montana Parade of Homes 2019 provides the perfect opportunity to get some new ideas and inspirations you can use for your home DIY project.


Missoula Parade of Homes 2019 is an opportunity to:

  • Meet and talk with Missoula leading contractors
  • Evaluate and select best vendors
  • See latest building technologies and designs
  • Learn exactly what it will cost to build your dream home from the scratch
  • Get free estimates from contractors on the spot
  • Learn about trending and affordable materials for building your home
  • Understand Missoula Law regard construction of new homes in Missoula
  • Meet top Missoula homebuilders


No doubt, there is absolutely no reason to miss out on this year’s Missoula Parade of Homes. It is an incredible opportunity for homeowners as well as everybody that is involved in the home building process.


Who Can You Meet At His Year’s Event?

Since the Missoula Parade of Homes made a comeback after a 2-year absence, it has continued to grow stronger. Every year, more people are joining the event.

This year, you will have the opportunity to see top homebuilders in Missoula at this event. You will also have an opportunity to see others such as:

  • Leading builders
  • Top architects
  • Interior designers
  • Landscapers
  • Home automation specialist
  • Kitchen designers
  • Bath designers
  • Suppliers of building products
  • Interior designers
  • House planners
  • ….. And more


More Reasons to Come To Missoula Parade of Homes 2019

During this year Parade of Homes, Benson Bondstone hopes to see homes in the Missoula Parade of Homes that will be featuring the PermaPanel. Benson Bondstone is an affordable construction company that is behind some of the latest building technologies that are available in Missoula and other select places in the United States.

The PermaPanel system is lightweight and affordable cement panel system. It is more durable, fire resistant, and more efficient than traditional construction materials and systems. This innovative cement panel is expected to replace the current cement panel that cost more and last shorter.

Already, tons of home builders in Missoula and surrounding environment are looking forward to the introduction of PermaPanel into the construction market. As a homeowner, you will be able to see how you can use this latest building technology to significantly reduce your construction cost.


Don’t miss out on this special event. It is a unique opportunity to not only view these amazing homes, but talk to the builders, designers, and subcontractors. Grab your friends and come see what our talented group of builders has created!

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Benson Bondstone was created because the way we build needs to change. Needless disasters happen every year simply because, as a society, we’ve continued to use outdated methods. There is a better way–and it’s even affordable. Feel free to swing over to our homepage for more information, or, you can come over to our Missoula Home Builders Google+ page.

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