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Why Your Next Home Should Be Rot Proof

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If you own a home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho you will find out soon enough that rot is one of your biggest enemies, especially if you make use of wooden features in your home. Once rot gets into your home, it can completely destroy your house; it is just a question of time.

Rot can start once water gets into cracks and under painted surfaces and doesn’t dry it out. Without a doubt, the material you used in constructing your house is the biggest factors that will lead to destruction of your home by rot. Rots can lead to structural damage when left unattended. Even if you manage to stop it, it will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

You may eventually end up learning the hard way that dry rot – one of the most expensive and invasive structural problems a property can face is mostly excluded from home insurance policies. What this means is that you will have to bear the cost alone when you have a problem of rot.

Last year, a neighbor just bought a new home somewhere in Coeur d’Alene after a 2-year hunt for a new home. She was having Coeur d’Alene homebuilders refurbish her bathroom when they called to tell her they had to put her work on hold because they just discovered a rot. Just like most people, she thought it was something a couple of dollar pills can fix… oh boy, she was so wrong!

Two weeks later, works were still going on to fix the dry rot problem. She probably had to leave her new home and squat with her parents while waiting for contractors to finish the repair. At the end, the work cost her total of $15,000. The sad reality is that; even after fighting rot, it can still resurface after sometime.


What Causes Rot?

Rot is caused by moisture in the wood panels you use in your home. When you use this type of panel in your home, you stand a risk of attracting wood-destroying fungus to feed of the wood especially when they get in contact with moisture. The activities of this fungus will lead to visible signs of dry rot or wet rot damage.


How Rot Develops

Dry rot spores can be found in atmosphere. All they need to start growing and spreading is the right atmosphere. Once they land in your wood panel, they will germinate and produce what is known as “hyphae”. These hyphae will now form that is called “Mycelium” which is like a formation of hyphae and they can vary in color from white to grey. Left unattended, Mycelium can grow into materials such as mortars, plaster, bricks, and most of the materials you used in the construction of your home.

Signs of Dry Rot

You can know that you have a problem of dry rots when you notice:

  • Deep cracks on the woods of your home
  • Distinct mushroom smell
  • White fungal growth with yellow and lilac tinges
  • Damages on your woods

How Much Damage Can Rot Cause To Your Home

There is no telling how much damage rot can cause to your home. Once you have this problem, it can lead to untold problem especially when you don’t fix it ASAP. Unfortunately, the problem is because of the material you used. Fighting rot once won’t stop it from coming back again. You will notice the problem again couple of months after getting rid of it initially.

Rot can completely destroy wooden building materials given enough time. In most cases, they would have already done an extensive damage before you discover their presence in your home.


How You Can Make Your Home Rot-Proofed and Get Rid of Rots Forever

Unfortunately, you can get rid of rots forever by treating your woods. While this process can keep away rots, they will surely come back. You need to make use of rot-resistant material known as PermaPanel when constructing your new Coeur d’Alene homes.


What is PermaPanel?

PermaPanel is the latest construction technology every homebuilder in Coeur d’Alene is talking about. This lightweight cement panel is rot resistant and will ensure that your home doesn’t’ get destroyed by rots.

PermaPanel was developed by Benson Bondstone – a construction company that aims to provide affordable housing that is superior to traditional methods of construction in just about every way. With PermaPanel, you won’t have to worry about rot problems. It gives you peace of mind not just from rot but from fire (and many other benefits).

PermaPanel would save you money, both in longterm savings and in the initial cost. It is environmentally-friendly and would allow you to finish your construction work much earlier. What makes this material awesome is that you won’t need to spend on other materials such as framing, insulation, vapor barrier, exterior sheathing, and drywall since PermaPanel combines the same function as these materials. With the durable nature of this energy-saving lightweight cement panel, you won’t have to spend more money on repairs in a very long time.


Where Can You Get PermaPanel?

Already Coeur d’Alene home builders are waiting for the release of PermaPanel into the market. If you are already planning building a new home, you can be able to use PermaPanel starting this November.

As a homebuilder in Coeur d’Alene or a homeowner, you can be able to get PermaPanel from Benson Bondstone in later in 2018.


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